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SPAC Consultants is is an A to Z one-stop solution specialised in
structuring and setting up Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies.
Together with its international team and associates, being among
the heavy weights of the SPAC Space,
SPAC Consultants professionally advises on and structures SPACs,
taking them to successful IPO, mainly at NASDAQ and NYSE.

Your success is our success! 



Designing, structuring, setting up a SPAC, arranging for a successful IPO and mastering acquisitions and mergers that add value to the mission of a SPAC are a project that requires a well-established team specialised on SPACs.


What makes us different from all others? 
We provide you with independent advice and candid consulting, naming the does and don’ts, the strong and the weak aspects of your SPAC project.
Your success is our success! We mean it, literally.


SPACs Step-by-Step – from the Sponsor to IPO to Acquisitions

A Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) is a public company that is created to acquire private assets. There are a number of ways to use a SPAC, but the process of creating, funding, and then buying private assets is basically the same, no matter the goals of the SPAC.

SPACs – A way for companies to grow

Growing a company usually means the need to attract fresh capital. A Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) isn’t a new way to reach public markets, but it is seeing a resurgence in its popularity.

The crucial importance of the right SPAC Board

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are a great way to create competitive companies and take private assets into the public markets. A SPAC needs to have great minds on its board of directors, as the process of creating, funding, and buying assets with a SPAC is nuanced.

SPAC Acquisition Strategies Offering Flexibility

A Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) can be used for many kinds of deals. SPACs are often compared with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) as both are options for taking a private company public. While this is a somewhat fair comparison, it overlooks the level of optionality and feasibility that a SPAC gives to its sponsors and institutional investors. 

Pre-IPO investors - sponsors - receive founder shares and warrants

Over the past few years, both individuals and institutional Private Equity (PE) investors discovered the extraordinary opportunities of investing in SPACs in the pre-IPO stage. For pre-IPO SPAC investors, also called sponsors, SPACs represent a powerful investment alternative in times of zero-interest bonds and tumbling stock markets.