SPAC HEIDI: Smart Energy

The HEIDI SPAC: Smart Energy with Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence

The HEIDI SPAC provides pre-IPO investment opportunities for investors who are keen to participate in the development of smart energy technology with a holistic approach, based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

HEIDI, a SPAC focusing on the acquisition of promising companies with forward-looking technologies and a track-record in smart energy production or distribution.


To manage energy consumption from production to end-user and beyond:

  • HEIDI aims for nothing less than to be complete integrated power network with highest standard of convenience.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will control on-demand production of electric power. Alongside HEIDI will be providing personalized heating and lighting applications based on a specified user behavior.
  • Combined renewable energy, smart grid, cross-platform usability and power conscious usage-controlled AI and managed by blockchain technology will take the energy transition a decisive step forward.


  • Without any doubt, energy consumption will increase each year
    despite of massive efforts to save energy.
  • Resources decline and grid capacity is to most extend limited.
  • Political decisions and social changes exacerbate market conditions.
  • Users like to have for a more convenient and safer living environment.
  • At the same time there is a demand for constant prices for electric power.

The strategy of HEIDI

  • Use existing energy resources wise and distribute energy on demand;
  • Tracking users’ behavior of the past by Blockchain technology;
  • Forecast demand in individualized and more defragmented markets by Artificial Intelligence;
  • Producing renewable energy to be relatively independent.

Gathering Big Data en passé from users’ behavior will form a second leg for HEIDI’s business model.

The Market

Worldwide market for Smart Home will be USD 108 billions in 2022 with a CAGR of 25%.

European Smart Grid will be USD 30 bn at the same time; worldwide annual revenue will be more than USD 70 bn.

Adding renewable energy, in five years the market for HEIDI will be clearly above USD 180 bn worldwide with CAGR of 4.8% to 27%, depending of sector and region.

E-Mobility has not been taken into account in this calculation but could be added to this SPAC.


Given that other market participants are financially strong, and given that HEIDI has a broad approach, the pre-IPO investment should not be less than USD 15 millions.

Thus, IPO-proceeds are likely to reach USD 250 to 300 millions and enable HEIDI to acquire companies worth USD 700 M to USD 1.1 B in the best-case scenario.

The HEIDI presentation:

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